Mi has partnered with the high-end German tool manufacturer Wiha

Wiha, a leader in the German tool manufacturing industry, has close to 80 years of experience producing a large range of high-quality tools.

Aluminium alloy storage container

High-precision one-piece molding process Smooth, round arcs and edges; comfortable grip Sand-blasted surface that protects against moisture and corrosion

24 Wiha precision bits

Tips feature high-precision fit Two layers of anti-rust coating Hard, never brittle; tough, never pliable

Aluminium alloy handle

Treated with anodic oxidization Specialized non-slip handle Rotating cap design

Satisfies almost all of your daily needs

Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver includes a total of 24 high-precision bits in 9 different types of tips. They can be used to repair a multitude of household appliances, including quarts watches, cameras, radios, computers, cell phones, and drones. They can meet almost all of your daily repair needs.

* There is a variance of ±2HRC in the production process

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* All of the data listed above comes from the Monkey Science and Technology Laboratory. There may be discrepancies during actual use due to differences in the objective user environment.

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