Nexair: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price in Pakistan [Impressive Specs & Review]

Xiaomi mi band 5 has been making waves ever since its launch. Let’s dive in and see if it is a big improvement over mi band 4 or not. Here is what Mi band 5 can offer you.


Xiaomi Mi band 5 box and accessories

During unboxing, You may have hoped for something extra other than the band and the charging cable.

On opening the box, these came out:

   Mi band 5 
   A magnetic charging cable (something new)
   And an instruction leaflet

      But you won’t wasn't disappointed. 


      As you will be hooked by the magnetic charging. This is something new. It means, no more taking the pill out of the strap to charge it. A huge relief. It also means a longer lifespan for your band's strap.

      Xiaomi Mi band 5 design

      On compare its design with mi band 4, you will find that it's ALMOST similar in size.

       Its screen has the following specs:

         1.1" AMOLED touch display (Increased by 20%)
         Resolution: 126 ✕ 294 px
         Color range: 16 bit
         Brightness: 450 NIT

            In simple words, bigger and better than the previous bands. One downside tho, straps from your previous band won't fit this one. You can choose from 8 different strap colors. Depending on which vibrant color touches your heart. On the back you will find the Mi logo, charging pins, and heart rate sensor. Xiaomi Mi band 5 is designed for comfort when wearing. Little curves in straps are made to serve this purpose.

            Xiaomi Mi band 5 Specs & Features

            Here is where the things get interesting. Xiaomi has introduced a lot of new features in Mi band 5. Let's look in detail at what features and specs the Xiaomi Mi band 5 holds.


            The basic specs are mentioned above. Here are its other specs:

               Battery life: It has a 125mAh battery and can go on for 14 days. You can  charge it to full in two hours.
               With 16 MB of storage and 512 KB RAM, it does a pretty fine job.
               Mi band 5 is waterproof up to 50 meters.
               Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
               You can track fitness and swimming through MI FIT APP.


                  Enough of boring things. Let's talk about the cool things Mi band 5 has.

                  1. Sports Modes:

                  You will get 11 professional sports modes. More than the previous Mi bands.

                     Indoor Cycling mode: Tracking how much you burn while cycling.
                     Rope skipping mode: learn how many calories do you consume while skipping.
                     Yoga mode: No need to rewind videos on phone or see how long a yoga pose needs to be. Work with Mi band 5 and get the best results.
                     Elliptical Mode: Lose fat while minimizing the degree of injury. Mi introduced this feature especially for overweight people.
                     Learn about other sports modes here.

                        2. Health modes:

                        Xiaomi Mi band 5 features three health modes:

                           PVI: Check yourself based on data. Which includes age, gender, and heart rate vitality index. Also, you can get guidance for improving vitality.
                           Tracking stress: Imagine a guard watching stress status at all times. Warn you when stress is abnormal. Nothing is better than timely aid and relief for stress.
                           Breathing exercises: Perform breath exercises from 1-5 minutes. This helps with both physical and mental stress management.

                            3. Heart monitoring

                            During stressful moments, you may not be aware of your heart rate. The PPG Biosensor (50% increase in accuracy) is designed to watch your heart rate 24/7. And it gives you a warning if your heart rate is too high by vibrating. A good way to draw attention to your heart rate which otherwise you may ignore.

                            4. Sleep monitoring

                            If you want to track your sleep patterns effectively, Xiaomi's Mi band 5 is the answer.

                            With upgraded technology, band 5 analyzes your sleep and provides insights into the quality of sleep. And you can get scientific suggestions on how to get over insomnia or improve your sleep.  

                            Here's what this feature does:

                               REMS (Rapid eye movement sleep): Tracks your REM cycle. Important for learning and retaining memories.
                               Naps: It tells you the quality of the nap you take.

                            This feature is very important for people who are looking to improve their sleep quality. Because good sleep is vital for staying productive all day long.

                            5. Female health

                            This feature helps women track their biological processes. The monthly phase of the physiological and ovulation period can be recorded.

                            So what?

                            It takes in data and then predicts when your next cycle will start. You can watch this video to learn how to enable the menstrual tracking feature.

                            Mi Fit App

                            All the above-mentioned features work with Mi Fit App. You can download it from your app's Store. All the data which Mi band 5 collects is displayed here.

                            Which includes:

                               Your heart rate
                               Sleep tracking
                               Stress tracking
                               Exercise and calories burned

                                  learn how to set up and configure your Mi Fit App.

                                  Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price in Pakistan

                                  Mi band 5 price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,499.00

                                  You can buy at a discounted price in Pakistan here.


                                  Summing up, Xiaomi's Mi band 5 has some pretty nice features. Instead of using pen and paper to track you sleep and daily productivity. Use Xiaomi’s band 5. If you are a productivity freak, then this is the perfect gadget for you. At a reasonable price. But if you have serious health issues then this is no substitute for that. You should consult a professional for that. Whereas, if you are looking for other features like taking a call, GPS services, or long battery hours. Sorry but your specifications need another price category. You won't get those features in this price tag. Comment below on how Mi band 5 had an impact on your life.

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