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Discover the Best Chargers You Can Get Only at Nexair 

Nexair is offering a wide range of lifestyle products including Samsung and Xiaomi phones, cell phone accessories, smart gadgets & devices to Pakistani consumers. We are the official distributors of Energizer products in Pakistan and offer a wide variety of phone chargers because we understand the local tech market like no one else does. 

What We Are Selling? 

The audio accessories include wired & bluetooth earphones by Energizer, android wireless chargers, Energizer chargers and also include products of Xiaomi such as airdots, compact speakers and wired earphones. Nexair is also marketing phone protectors by Energizer made especially for i-phones. 

Their connecting accessories include data cables, portable chargers, converting cables, audio jacks, multi-port hubs, etc by both Energizer and Xiaomi.  Lifestyle products include electric shaver, smart bands, TV sticks, security cameras, backpacks, motion sensors, etc. Nexair is also providing phone chargers including wall chargers, car chargers, charging pads, etc manufactured by Energizer, so that you don't have to go anywhere for your tech needs. The mobile charger price in Pakistan that you can get at Nexair is very reasonable. Whatever you need, you can count on Nexair to provide you the best experience every single time.

Mobile phone chargers 

Our wireless mobile chargers include a variety of wireless car chargers and wall chargers manufactured by Energizer and Xiaomi. 



Mi 37 W Dual port car charger 

This car mobile charger has two ports, you can connect it with your car and charge two mobile phones at the same time. One port offers 27 W fast charging and the other offers 37 W charging. It is black in color and available in matte finish. It can be used to charge phones of all mainstream brands. It is equipped with an LED indicator, making it visible in the dark. 

Mi Car Charger Pro

This car battery charger is a USB port charger with dual charging modes which connects to your car’s lighter slot and charges your cellphone whenever you need. This wireless car charger offers quick charging. The single port output range is 5V-12V/1.5 A-2.4 A and the dual port offers an output of 5V/2.4 A. You can find the price and relevant details of this fast car charger on our site.

Mi 20 W Wireless Car Charger 

This wireless car charger gives a power output of 20 W. It has a type-C USB port and can connect to your car’s battery via your lighter slot. The wireless mobile charger comes with a user guide, pedestals, adapter and charging cable. It is compatible with nearly all cellphone brands.

Energizer Car Mobile charger 1 Amp with Type B Data Cable 

Nexair presents Energizer’s car mobile charger with fast charging at an output of 5 Watts.  The charger can be plugged into your car’s lighter slot and connected to a Type B cable. This is an elegantly designed car mobile charger with a fashionable design and highly durable material. It is available in black color and premium finishing. It is compatible with the majority of android brands and models. 

Energizer Car charger 3.4 Amp with iphone Data Cable 

This Energizer car charger comes with an iphone data cable that can charge two devices simultaneously. The data cable length is 1.2 M for ease of use and it can perform charging as well as syncing. The total output of this car charger is 5V-3.4 A. It has been designed for easy and simple handling.

Energizer Car charger 2.4 Amp with type B & Type C data cables

This 2.4 Amp car charger by Energizer comes with type C & B cables which have been prepared from high quality material and can tolerate extreme twisting. The charger itself can tolerate a fall of 2.0 Meters and you can plug/unplug it for 30,000 times without affecting its quality. 

Energizer Charging Car Kit

The Energizer charging car kit includes a rotatable cradle, car air vent holder and a charging cable. The rotatable cradle can be rotated 360 degrees vertically or horizontally. It has been constructed with anti-slip plastic that prevents your cellphone from falling off.  The cradle can be fixed into your car vent while the charger is connected to the car’s battery through the lighter slot.  The charging/data cable has been kept long so that you can fix the holder anywhere you want. 

 You can check all the specs in detail online before making the purchase of the car chargers.

Wall chargers

Energizer wall charger 3.4 Amp with type B Data Cable 

You can stick this wall charger in any power socket in your home & office. It provides an output of 17 W and can charge two devices at one time. With a 1.2 m long data cable and ergonomic design, this sleek wall charger looks durable and beautiful.

Energizer wall charger QC 3.0 Type C Data Cable 

This wall charger has certified quick charge feature compatible with FCP, Pump Express and qualcomm. The maximum power output this wall charger offers is 18 W. Plug it in any AC socket and you are ready to charge your cell phones. It is available in black color with premium finishing.

Energizer wall charger 1A with type B Data Cable 

The output of this Energizer DC wall charger is one ampere. It has a power output of 5 W. It is compact and comes in black color.  The cable length is 1.2 Meter and has a transfer speed of 480 Mbps.

You can purchase the above wall chargers from our online shop easily with a few clicks.

Charging Pads

Energizer wireless charger 10 W

This wireless charger pad by Energizer gives an output of 10 W. It is equipped with a special micro USB cable that can withstand upto 50 Kg and is considered to be a lifetime cable. You can keep the charging pad anywhere you want.

Mi Wireless charging Pad

Xiaomi presents the “Qi” wireless charger, a powerful and top of the line wireless Pad charger from Mi Series. It is armed with fast charging mode and its output ranges from 5 to 10 watts. A special feature of this charger allows you to charge your mobile phone even if it is in a thin protective case.

The Big Sale

It is the best time to make your purchase because of the ongoing sales. With the 11 11 sale and blessed Friday sale, you can get the gadgets and products you need at the most lucrative prices and save money. The sale is for a limited period only and the discounts are too good to be missed. Visit our online shop to see the amazing products and start filling up your cart. . 

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