Nexair: Best Smart Watch Airpods & Headphone

Top fashion gears that make your smart phone operations complete

Technology is now being transformed in to street fashion which is quite the game changer for youngsters. Latest innovations in the tech-world has changed everything around us so much so that having a smart phone is just not enough. To make your smart phone in fact smart enough to function, you need complementary gears for it to work efficiently, namely ear pods, smart watches, wireless chargers and so forth.

You might want to dump those chunky big metallic watches and opt for the latest trend, i.e. stylish and an intelligent smart watch. Smart watch prices vary across different brands along with the upgradation of the model and its specifications. 

As Nexair aims at connecting your lifestyle with world class products by providing the latest and best quality technology, as it’s one of the leading distributors in the market for reputable brands. For the latest and a quick insight of which gear is smart enough for you and cost effective at the same time, you can now choose and purchase the best smart watch for yourself from Nexair.

Timeless and elegant arm candy.

The classic digital watch has now transformed in to smart watch which is not less than an arm candy. This gadget provides its user with extra smart features. For instance the Realme Watch S has got smart sensors, big screen, health check monitors, accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity, sweat resistance, changeable straps, making it the best smart watch and our most recommended product. 

As said earlier technology is fashion that you can wear, so you can also play around with the changeable straps of your android watches.

You may choose from the leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Realme, Xiaomi, and many others namely Amazfit, and Imilab which are equally efficient and are in fact giving a cut throat competition to all such manufacturers with their intelligent features related to health and sports such as accelerometer, pedometer, heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity up to large range of distance, sweat resistance, smart interface with phone calls and combined playback. 

Charge on the go

It has been observed that, power banks have made life more easy, convenient and on-the-go, for all smart phone users. Nexair promises to make your lifestyle one step ahead by understanding your needs and requirements with the newest innovations happening around you. This is why charging your smart phone with mobile power bank is a smart solution. What could be smarter than a wireless, Mi power bank which is perfect for longer transits and are in fact portable and practical at the same time. 

The sleekly designed wireless charging pads such as the Mi 20W wireless charger is smart enough to charge your phone with a thin protective case as thin as 4mm for a smooth transmission, and an output of 10W. It starts charging your phone as soon as it touches the surface. And the best feature that makes it the best power bank is its compatibility with most of the phone models and having an excellent electrical grip, making your drive hassle free and enjoyable.

Clear and crisp sound with wireless earphones

Air pods are all the rage since Apple had launched them and so all other mobile phone manufacturers geared up and came up with their affordable versions of the wireless earphones.   

This gear has made phone calls a lot more convenient for the smart phone users as you can just pop them in your ear, and walk freely without having to carry your phone with you. Apple Air pods have been a life saver for music lovers as they make life so much easier for them at work places, gym, social dinners and likewise. 

However with the heavy airpods price, you may want to look for other affordable options at Nexair such as Mi True wireless earbuds, Lenovo’s Bluetooth earbud pieces, Oneplus Buds. All these products have excellent features such as auto-pairing, Siri or Google voice assistant, long battery life; smooth switching between binaural or mono modes, noise cancellations and much more. These Bluetooth earphones come in their specially designed cases, so you may never lose them. 

However one must ensure to charge all such gears ahead of their time so that all are in sync and technical operations be carried out smoothly.

Nexair is a platform for your smart accessories to pair up with any Tecno, Xiaomi, Samsung smart phone or iPhone, and you can now simply order online with the amazing facility of free shipping. So order away without any worry, or pay online and book your favourite smart and intelligent gear such as Bluetooth headphones, ear buds, smart watch, wireless charger, or Redmi power bank, USB port hubs, charger cables, audio jacks and so much more.

Nexair strives to live up to its goal, i.e. to provide its customers with excellent quality along with affordable prices. 

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