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The tech space is forever changing and Nexair brings you the latest products so that you stay on top of things. We have all kinds of incredibly capable mobile accessories and tech gadgets that you will ever need, and that too at the most attractive prices. When it comes to security products, Nexair has the well-reputed ones. It is because they provide reliability and top class functionality. And this should be the top priority when buying CCTV cameras

Have a look at the high quality security equipment from Nexair and you will go nowhere else. Our buying process is simple and our products provide quality at the most reasonable prices. 

Rising Crime and Need for Security Cameras 

The usage of security cameras has become very common in Pakistan because the crime rate is unfortunately rising every day. Surveys reveal that security cameras prove to be effective deterrents in stopping thieves from breaking in. Today people feel more vulnerable than ever and thus want to protect their valuables, property and loved ones. Hence, they have started to take security in their own hands. 



Nowadays we see a heavy shift towards surveillance cameras. CCTV cameras can be seen installed at workplaces, markets as well as inside and outside homes, the purpose being to keep a check and be in control. The camera models come with all kinds of features, so the decision to choose one can be rather tough.

Huge Demand and Varied Choices 

Due to the overwhelming demand, we see all kinds of camera manufacturers in the market. If you go for online shopping in Pakistan for cameras, you will see that there is quite a collection out there that comes at different price points, designs and configurations. But you must go for the one that serves as a one-stop solution to all your security needs. 

Things to Consider when Buying CCTV cameras

We can be your guide if you are searching for a new camera, whether for indoors or outdoors; in the end it all boils down to your individual security needs. 

Here are a few points you must look into before buying a security camera:

  1. Quality or resolution
  2. 24/7 viewing and real time HD videos
  3. What it can cover
  4. Multi-view functionality
  5. External influences 
  6. Weatherproof or not (for outdoors)
  7. Cabling or wireless system
  8. Size of the lens
  9. Night Vision and how well it works
  10. Mobile Compatibility
  11. Wifi Range
  12. Storage

We've summarized some factors that you might want to consider when you are in the market for a new home security camera for your office, home or business. If you want to find out more, you can visit our site for details.

Our Latest CCTV cameras

The quality of home security cameras has improved quite a lot over the recent years. But if you want to know which ones are the best, browse through the selection at Nexair and consider every specification. Nexair offers high-end sophisticated cameras as well as simple ones. 



We have cameras with built-in passive infrared motion sensors that are weatherproof. We also have those with light as well as alarm system relay outputs/inputs. The latest wireless CCTV cameras are quite popular because these are more convenient. The key difference between wired and wireless security cameras is that in the latter the recording footage is transmitted from the camera to the recorder wirelessly. This is because the wireless systems are connected to your Wi-Fi network. They come with monitoring software so if you have access to the internet you can login from anywhere and view the camera recordings. Other than these, there are wire-free cameras as well that are easiest to install. CCTV security equipment however is more effective if it is part of an overall security system.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P

If you wish to keep a check on your home while you are away or want to ensure the safety of your family, it is best to go for one of our bestselling wifi security cameras. The answer for you is Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080. It is effective and has an impressive remotely-accessed home security system.

Top features

  1. 360° Vision for full home protection. The camera rotates to capture horizontal and vertical view.
  2. With its 1080P HD resolution you get the best image quality even on your cell phone. Monitor everything from your mobile day or night and stay updated. Even when you are viewing it remotely, the picture stays clear. 
  3. It is equipped with 110° lens angle to cover a decent area.
  4. Talkback feature for two-way voice communication. The voice system is a great update since it provides instant communication just as in a phone call, so you can directly talk without having to dial in. 
  5. Infrared night vision technology ensures that the view at night also remains clear. 
  6. For secure storage you can rely on the Micro SD card (up to 64GB). 
  7. With top class motion sensors, it offers intelligent detection of any movement thus can be very effective to prevent break ins. 

    All these features will cost you Rs. 5,499.00. The camera is available in white color.

    Pick Wifi Security Cameras that suits your needs online 

    You can also check more cameras with sophisticated systems. Since these wireless CCTV cameras come with varied features, you will have to pick and choose which one best suits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

    If you want surveillance through remote camera access over the internet, you can choose whether to cover all entry points or only specific areas. We have a camera to suit each and every security need. With our wifi CCTV camera, you can check up on your house anytime, anywhere. 


    So whether you are online shopping in Lahore or anywhere else, rest assured that location is not a problem for us. You can have your security camera delivered to you along with warranty in a matter of days. As the Covid situation is worsening in Karachi, we want those doing online shopping in Karachi to stick to this platform and stay safe. Sitting from the safety and comfort of your home, you can take care of your security and tech needs with Nexair. 

    Count on Nexair cameras and security products to keep yourself, your loved ones and your house protected at all times. Explore your options and book your order now.

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