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Nexair Offers Outstanding Mobile Accessories For Those Who Want Style With Substance

Nexair aims to introduce quality product lines that deliver maximum value for money to consumers in Pakistan. We bring high-tech products that can solve a customer’s problem and most importantly satisfy their needs. You can count on Nexair for all kinds of mobile accessories that will give you a superior experience. These mobile accessories are by Energizer and now you can shop for them at our online or retail shop.

As a cellphone accessories and batteries maker, Energizer needs no introduction. This American manufacturer of mobile chargers and Bluetooth hands-free (among various other things) has a reputation for providing quality, durability and top-notch user experiences at the most competitive prices. Having been around for over a century, the brand enjoys great prestige. In fact, that shouldn’t really be a surprise given its huge (and loyal) customer base. Energizer products are known for their premium quality, long battery life and large range.

The company’s impressive portfolio consists of more than 200 accessories and 3 unique phone ranges. It includes things like the uber-popular Energizer car charger and the Energizer Bluetooth hands-free and all that is available for you now at unbeatable prices.

On Top of the Game 

Team Nexair has set really high standards for itself, when it picked to launch mobile accessories by Energizer in Pakistan. The quality of products it is offering will keep it on the top of the game in this sector.  Just recently, Energizer Mobile picked up two distinct honors at the Product of the Year, Gulf 2020 Awards.

In the “mobile accessories” category, the durable Energizer audio cable, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, took home the big prize. Moreover, the E241S smart feature phone was acknowledged in the “mobile phones” group.



Product of the Year is the biggest consumer-voted accolade in the world for product innovation. In the Gulf, the winner is selected by an independent consumer survey which garners close to 3,500 responses from mobile and smartphone accessories users around the region. Promoting quality, creativity and innovation is the objective of the Product of the Year Awards.

The Ever-Rising Demand for Mobile Accessories

All of us are becoming more and more dependent on our phones with the passage of time. They aren’t just a handy communication tool anymore. Work, entertainment and travel are just some of the many things that our phones help us with. You can take care of office stuff, connect with friends and family sitting on the other side of the world, plan your travel itinerary, etc.

Of course, this has led to an exponential increase in the demand for mobile phone accessories as well. Things like wireless mobile charger, data cable, photo printer, Type C to HDMI adapter, and mobile hands-free enable us to instantly connect to the digital world whenever needed.



And they’re all easily available. Nexair has put together an ultra-efficient distribution network for Energizer products in Pakistan. This enables customers to acquire the most popular Energizer offerings without too much hassle. Whether you’re looking for an audio cable or mobile cover online, Nexair has got you covered. Do not hesitate to take a trip to our retail store and rummage through the aisles of Energizer goodies. You can also explore these on our online store. All the information and descriptions are given in detail to help you make an informed decision when buying a product from us. 

It is obvious there won’t be any letup in the demand for phone accessories in the coming years. This demand has made even mobile cover online shopping quite common now.  Back in 2018, the global industry was worth nearly $225 billion. This value is expected to cross $284 billion by the time 2026 arrives. That’s a projected 8-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 3%. And Energizer products will be responsible for a huge chunk of it. So be glad that now you can get your hands on them at the most honest prices and experience true class.



Equipped with Power Delivery Technology

Energizer accessories, especially the mobile battery charger, all-purpose fast charger, and wireless phone charger, are backed by USB-Power Delivery Technology. This is a super quick charging mechanism that is supported by various Android and iOS devices.

With USB Power Delivery, you can get power output of as much as 100 watts. Using a single fast charger, you can pump up the battery life of your tablets, smartphones, laptops and various other devices. Following are three prominent features of the USB Power Delivery mechanism.

  1. Power flow in both directions. Through this feature, the device having power can provide it to the other as well.
  2. Enhanced power level (up to 100 watts of uninterrupted supply).
  3. Optimized power management for all connected devices. In this way, each device only consumes the power it requires, thereby eliminating power wastage.

      Reasons to Choose USB Power Delivery

      There are many compelling reasons to choose an Energizer item equipped with USB-Power Delivery (PD) technology. For starters, it enables your devices to attain power about 70% faster than what is possible with a standard charger having a maximum output of 5 watts.

      This means that your tablet or phone will be plugged in for considerably less time and gain significantly more power. For instance, compatible Android and iOS devices can be charged to as much as 50% in just half an hour.

      The USB-PD technology instantly detects the connected item (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.) and ensures that the right volume of high speed power is delivered via the USB-C (USB-compatible) port. Safe and swift charging is thus made possible at all times.

      Energizer Car and Wall Chargers  

      Energizer’s PD car and wall chargers have been designed specifically to help you power up your devices rapidly on the go.



      USB-C Charge and Sync Cables

      Energizer’s latest USB-C charge and sync cables have been manufactured to handle enhanced levels of power. This provides the user a smooth and hassle-free charging experience. Just connect the cables to a USB-C fast charger and fill up your device battery at lightning fast speed. Syncing between a USB-C laptop and smartphone is also possible.

      USB-C PD Enabled Devices for Energizer Accessories

      The USB-PD technology is gaining popularity day by day amongst smartphone manufacturers. Since the release of iPhone 8 a couple of years ago, almost every new Apple phone has the USB-PD mechanism built in. These include iPhone 8, 8+, X, Xs, Xs Max and Xr.

      Moreover, Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 as well as Google Pixel 2 and support PD features. Other Android device manufacturers have also been following suit. And there are no better accessories for these devices than those created by Energizer.

      Why Us

      Nexair understands its customers and can anticipate their needs! This is what makes it stay ahead of the competition. We aim to go above and beyond the ordinary to meet their complex needs, as is evident in the diverse range of mobile accessories and tech products we are offering. Log on to our site to see why we say we have the edge over others. 

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