Best Android Smart Watches

When the iPhone first came, it changed how people saw the smart phones. Now with the advent of smart watches, people see something different in smart watches. If you are looking to buy a new smart watch then you should read this before making a decision.


All your questions like, Which smart is best for you? What can it do for you? and should you even buy one will be answered in this post.

Do you need a smart watch? If you answer yes to most of these questions then you definitely need one:

  • Do you wish to track your fitness daily? i.e how much steps do you take, how many calories do you burn or what is your heart rate and stress level. Sleep tracking.
  • Do you need a reminder to get moving every hour? Smartwatches have a feature which reminds you to move a bit if you have been sitting idle for an hour or so.
  • Tired to checking your smartphone during work? Get notifications on your smartwatch to avoid opening the phone every single time.
  • Want to change the playlist or move to the next song without opening your phone? Smartwatches to rescue here again.
  • Looking for a watch that goes with every outfit? Change the strap or the dial of the watch that matches who you want to be that day.

By now, you are motivated to buy a smartwatch. But you must be thinking which smartwatch should I buy? Or what should I look for when buying a smartwatch? 

To ease your worry and answer your questions, here is what you should look for when buying a smartwatch:

  1. Check online if the smartwatch you want to buy is compatible with your phone or not.
  2. Design: Try out the watch before buying it. Not all watches look good on every arm. Buy the one that looks good on you and suits your style.
  3. Battery timing: Check out whether battery timing fulfills your needs or not.
  4. Display: If you are going to use the watch outdoors then it is better that you buy one with a OLED. You can go with LCD if you are looking to use it indoors.
  5. Fitness tracking: Smartwatches with fitness tracking features are all the hype these days. And if you are fitness freak. Buy one which features fitness tracking.

Here are the best smart watches to buy in 2021:

Amazfit GTS

If you are looking to buy a high-end watch at a low price then this the one. The Amazfit GTS looks a lot like an Apple watch. Launched back in 2019, Amazfit smartwatches are still one of the coolest smartwatches in budget.


Talking about it's benefits here is what you get:

  • 12 sports modes. Such as walking, Climbing, Swimming and running.
  • Water resistant and tracking function for professional swimmers.
  • Stylish display which competes with Apple smartwatch.
  • Monitor your heart rate and stress level during crucial moments.
  • Let's you pick up calls, change songs, or get a reminder to walk without the hassle of opening your phone.

Check out the specs of this watch in detail here.

Why you should buy

The display is stylish and big. The Amazfit GTS watch provides high end features on a low budget. The battery timing is amazing.

Why you shouldn’t

There is no resale value.

Amazfit GTR 2

GTR 2 is a premium version of Amazfit GTR. It has a brand new look, a lot more stylish and comes with a big battery as compared to Amazfit GTR 2.


Here are its benefits:

  • It features both analog and digital watch face.
  • Due to it's stylish and sleek design (for which Amazfit watches are famous) it looks good on most wrists.
  • Amazfit GTR 2 is very thin and lightweight as compared to other similar smartwatches.
  • Comes in two editions, i.e Sports edition and classic edition. Sports edition is perfect for sportsmen or people with a lot of physical activity. Whereas, the classic edition gives a more elegant and classy look.
  • It boosts 14 days long battery life. Which is impressive. As most Amazfit watches don't have long battery life. Such long battery life is usually seen in smart bands or expensive smartwatches.

Check the detailed review of it's specs here.

Reasons to buy

It has a really long battery life. 5 ATM water-resistant makes it a perfect companion for professional swimmers. It helps them track their swimming activity.

Reasons not to buy

The downside of Amazfit watches is that they have no resale value.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best fitness tracking smart watches. It is a top-of-the-line model and does an amazing job at tracking your health and fitness. The User interface is a bit difficult for beginners but once you get used to it, you never go back.

Once you read the fitbit versa 2 features and benefits below, you will forget Apple watches:

  • Despite it's bulky look, it is very comfortable to wear. Weighing only 40 grams, you hardly feel it on your wrist.
  • Do small tasks with ease. Amazon Alexa acts as your smart assistant, which is very accurate. You can set a reminder or make a to-do list easily with Alexa's assistance. Given the small screens of most smartwatches, voice input is a gamer changer.
  • Display brightness adjusts according to the environment. It brightens up in light-rooms and dims in dark rooms.
  • It has a faster processor than fitbit versus 1 and is still ahead of a lot of its competitors.

Reasons to buy

It has a stylish design which looks great on the wrist. Fitbit has removed it's logo from front which gives it a more cleaner look than previous fitbit versus 1. More powerful and better processor.

Reasons not to buy

It does not have a magnetic charger. The Fitbit Versa 2 doesn't have in-built GPS. Most health watches have a builtin GPs but you won't find one in the Fitbit versus 2. Here are the three best smartwatches that you can get in the market right now. Comment below your experience with smart watches.

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