5 important things to keep in mind before buying a Smartphone in Pakistan 2021

Smartphones are very different from the typical phones we all grew up with.


They allow us to send emails, surf the internet, shop online, download apps, and watch movies or TV shows.


But before you can use all these features, you need a smartphone. One that looks good in your hands and goes with your personality.


A wise man once said, life comes to you quickly, but I say technology is coming to us even more quickly. So it is difficult to keep up with it.


When buying a new smartphone in Pakistan, there are so many options. There are many smartphones brands and each brand has several models.


It's difficult to decide which phone will rightly serve your needs.


Let's dive in and discover the 5 important things you need to know before buying a smartphone in Pakistan.


Are you ready? Let’s get started.

IOS or Android

iOS icon vs Andriod icon

These two apps have separated people around the world. Which is better, IOS Apple or Google Android?


In fact, it totally depends on what you want or needs. Both of them work the same way. A series of home pages showing your apps organized with a bright colorful and tile-based grid.


Whenever either of them comes up with a new feature like night mode which makes it easier to use the phone at night. The other rapidly releases the same feature for its user to keep up with new features.


The biggest problem is software updates that basically bring you the latest features. Google's Android serves hundreds of phone models. So some models do not get the latest features until months after the initial release of features.


Google Pixel is a bit different for Android phones. Since being developed by Google, they are the first ones to receive the latest updates.


iPhone models are far less in number than Andriod phones, so updates are released immediately.


If you want to make sure you're the first to get the latest features, buy an iPhone, or one of Google's Pixel devices.


iPhone back camera breakdown

Today the cameras of smartphones are more important than ever before. When it comes to the phone cameras, choose the fast focus and good bright low performance.


Regardless of what you have heard, do not get caught up in megapixels of camera. And while double or triple-camera setups are currently very fashionable, they do not always mean better images.


Instead, pay attention to things like OIS, Auto-HDR, and fast focus technology such as Phase-detection. OIS reduces blurring, Auto-HDR provides greater depth of image, and while phase-detection helps in focus.


Smartphones generally have a low number of cameras:

1. A single back camera for photography and videos

2. A single front camera for selfies and video calls.


But if come across a phone marketed as a 'dual camera' or 'triple camera', it means it has two or three or multiple cameras in a row in its background.

Smartphone triple back camera

What's the purpose of so many cameras?


The question might come to your mind.


Different lenses serve a variety of purposes. The wide lens will be ideal for a panoramic explosion, whereas the telephoto will allow you to zoom in at a distance.


So the back camera lenses are its core strength.


there will be more shooting options, and the result of your photos will be better and clearer.

The display

Smartphone display icons

If you are a modern-day person like most of us who will probably spend hours every day staring at your Smartphone screen. You must buy enough light to see outside, and sharp enough when the text doesn't appear dim when you open the web.


If you are buying a phone with a large screen, do not fall for 1920 x 1080p resolution. Instead, go for 2560 x 1440 Quad HD sharp resolutions.


Screen size matters too. So keep that into consideration too.


Can you easily access it? Are you looking for a bigger screen movie? or a smaller one that is easy to hold and doesn't usually get out of your hands? Or are you looking for a decent slim but stylish screen?


Answer these questions and note your preferences before buying a smartphone in Pakistan.

The Battery

Snartphone low battery sign

Want our sincerest advice? Take reviews from people who already own the smartphone you wish to buy. Or watch bloggers review on youtube.


You want a phone whose battery will last all day.


The biggest fuss I have heard from people is that their smart phones are “always dead” or will die in a moment.


If you also fall in this group, consider a Smartphone with a fast-charging option. And battery size should be more than 5000 mAh that will last a day.


Most Android smartphones now come with special chargers that can charge in a few minutes.

The Storage Space

Smartphone storage capacity

There are plenty of people who try to save money by buying cheap phones, but they usually have a lot of storage onboard.


A lot of people try to save 2000-3000 and buy a low variant phone. That comes with a low RAM & ROM.


A Smartphone with at least 64GB of storage is recommended.


You can always opt for inserting a memory card. But the problem is that they get corrupted and you might lose your data.


Get a higher variant phone if you keep music, movies, or large work files on your phone.


Apps are heavy. images and videos are heavy too. They can take up a lot of space if you don't store them in the cloud (Apple Photos, Google Photos.

Bonus: Extra tips for buying a smartphone in Pakistan 2021

Finally, I would say consider a few other things that may be of value to you right now or later.


Does it have stereo speakers?


Many people prefer wireless earbuds like Mi's these days over stereo speakers. You can get them for 3k only. Not only the experience is far better than stereo speakers but they also look cool.

A boy wearing Mi wireless Earbuds

High-end phones like the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 do have steroe speakers. But invention of earbuds have elimintated the need for stereo speakers.


Does it support wireless charging?


The only benefit of this is that charging your phone is easy.


You simply place your phone on the pad on your desk.

Iphone being wirelessly charged


Do you get free headphones with it? or will you need to use Bluetooth headphones?


Will you need an adapter to connect your old headphones with them? Some manufacturers, such as Apple and HTC phones require users to use adapters to use their old headphones.


That is extra cost on your part.


Does the phone support new 5G networks?


Although it will take time for 5G technology to come to Pakistan.


But if you don't wish to change your phone anytime soon. Then you should plan long ahead.


Many of the phones from Q-Mobile do not support the 4g or 5g technology.


Another thing to consider, Is the phone water-resistant?


If you are into sports this feature might be important to you.


Most important for me in a smartphone is,


Dose the phone features a fingerprint or face reorganization security system? As it provides an extra layer of security and it also saves a lot of time.


By now, you have a clear idea about the things you should keep in mind while buying a smartphone in Pakistan.


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