3 Essential phone accessories every for traveler in Pakistan

You are excited for a trip, so excited that you packed your things a day or two before the trip. You can’t wait to get on the bus and start the trip. We have all been there.
Finally, the day comes, you start your trip. And you are really excited to see the lush green landscapes and mountains.
You want to capture every moment and share it with your Instagram followers. I mean, you have a social status to maintain, you want people to know you are on tour to northern Pakistan.
A few hours into the trip, and your phone battery dies.
You used too much camera and now your phone is dead. You can’t use it. You ignored the low-battery warning in excitement.
And then it hits you, I should’ve brought a power bank with me. You forget to pay attention to minor but crucial details of planning a trip like this one.
Now, you can’t listen to music or read an ebook. All you could do is, just watch out the window. Or go to sleep if you are afraid of height.
You have to wait for arrival at the hotel so that you can charge your phone.
All of this could’ve been prevented if you had planned ahead and brought a power bank with you.
Phone Accessories in Pakistan for travelers
3 best phone accessories in Pakistan any smartphone owner should have. Especially if you love traveling.
Mi Bluetooth speaker
Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2
Mi Bluetooth speaker is a wireless portable speaker with tons of features. And it costs only Rs. 1600 and you get to experience high-end sound quality.
Its design allows you to carry it easily while traveling. This is a perfect outdoor speaker with a battery life of around 10 hours.
You can also use it to charge your phone. All in all, a perfect outdoor accessory to enjoy music in the wild. It can also be used as a power bank.
Sony QX30 Attachable Lens Smartphone Camera
Sony QX30 Attachabla lense Camera
The QX30 is a complete camera packed into a cylindrical body.
The camera connects wirelessly to your Android or iOS device via Wi-Fi. You can use your phone's screen to click and review images and access the camera's settings.
You can clip the camera on your phone to make it feel like you're shooting with a regular camera.
This is a perfect accessory if you want to click images of your phone but are not satisfied with its camera.
CUFF Karin Smart Shredded Leather Bracelet
CUFF has created a bracelet for women that is not only cool and stylish but has other features that make it so great.
It provides a level of personal protection along with notifications to the wearer. It has the ability to send alerts if you are in trouble.
It can send alerts to your friends and family if you want someone's help.
It will also provide live streaming audio options of what is happening in the scene during an emergency in the near future.
10 Smartphone security tips for travelers in Pakistan
From locking your smartphone with a PIN to installing a security app, these common-sense tips will help keep you and your information safe.
Here are ten tips to increase the security of your smartphone and what you store in it:
1. Avoid giving personal information
The text message that your bank sounds like may not be there.
If you receive requests for account information from a number, do not give your credentials.
The same advice holds for tapping links in unwanted emails or texts. DON'T.
2. Use a PIN, Password, or Pattern to lock your phone
It's easy to set up. For most Android™ devices, go to your location and security settings for instructions.
iOS users can find these functions in the General options of their Settings.
3. Download apps only from trusted stores
If you're browsing for a new game or something more productive, use places like Google Play.
Make sure you check ratings and reviews of an app. And read the app's privacy policy to see what phone features it will have access to if you download.
4. Back up your data
It's more about protecting and restoring your information if disaster strikes. Such as your phone drops into water or your screen breaks while hiking.
You can save your contacts, music, pictures, videos, and documents to the cloud. Such as iCloud, Google drive or dropbox.
5. Keep your operating system and apps up to date
There are usually periodic updates for these two which not only add new features but also provide tighter security.
6. Log out of the sites after making the payment
If your bank or shop with your smartphone, log out of those sites after the transaction is complete.
Other tips include not storing your username and password on your phone and avoiding transactions while you're on public Wi-Fi.
7. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use
You think of them as a way to connect to something, but thieves can use them to connect to your device and access files.
8. Protect Your Investments
Losing your smartphone can be quite stressful. Every day, 200,000 devices are lost, stolen, or damaged.
You might be surprised by the high out-of-contract cost of replacing a lost smartphone with a similar make and model.
9. Back up your data on the cloud
You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you keep a constant backup of your phone.
That way, if it's ever lost or stolen, you'll still have all the apps, data, and accounts in your backup up to date.
10. Enable remote wiping of your phone.
As an extension of peace of mind from the last step, if your phone is lost or stolen, remotely wipe all your personal data from its memory.
Let us know in comments below, what essential phone accessories do you take on a tour?
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