• Nexair Best Selling Bundles

    Nexair Best Selling Bundles | Online Accessories Deals in Pakistan
    Nexair’s Best Selling Bundles We are now living in the world of smart technology, where our simplest of tasks are now completed by these tiny gadgets on our single command. Our life now revolves around these smart gadgets and we greatly depend on them. Saying so, the prices of these devices are quite expensive due to the latest set of technology and mechanism. There...
  • Best Android Smart Watches

    Best Android Smart Watches | Amazfit, FitBit and Other Gear Watches
    When the iPhone first came, it changed how people saw the smart phones. Now with the advent of smart watches, people see something different in smart watches. If you are looking to buy a new smart watch then you should read this before making a decision.   All your questions like, Which smart is best for you? What can it do for you? and should you even...
  • Nexair: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price in Pakistan [Impressive Specs & Review]

    Nexair: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price in Pakistan [Impressive Specs & Review]
    Xiaomi mi band 5 has been making waves ever since its launch. Let’s dive in and see if it is a big improvement over mi band 4 or not. Here is what Mi band 5 can offer you.   Xiaomi Mi band 5 box and accessories During unboxing, You may have hoped for something extra other than the band and the charging cable. On opening the box, these...
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